InVaLT 2022


Good day, student leaders out there!

InVaLT 2022 “Sustainable Leadership: Pivoting Towards a Growth Mindset” has finally opened for registration this year. Here are the registration guidelines and fee information for you:

✍️ STEP 1:
Register via (link) or scan the QR code on the poster.

👥 STEP 2:
Determine if you are an “Individual” or “Group” and fill in accordingly.

💳 STEP 3:
Make payment to “HIGHER EDUCATION MSIA ASSOCIATION-HEYA” | 562982009639 | Maybank

RM110/pax for those who register individually.
RM100/pax for those who register in group of 3.

📣 STEP 4:
Successful registration will be announced on our social media.

So, what are you waiting for? Find and fill your free time by joining InVaLT 2022, as it includes certificates and direct experience in consulting, as well as inspiration from outstanding coaches!

Registration link: https://forms.gle/28HvizHB2MMskDGSA

Any inquiries can be asked directly in the comments section or through our message for further clarification.

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