Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA) Executives Recruitment 2022/23

Are you passionate about leadership development? Enthusiast in volunteering activities? Keen with policy literacy & advocacy? Enjoy rapid project management?
Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA) is definitely a great platform for you to rise & shine! We are currently looking for passionate individuals who thrive to learn and grow to join the following positions:

𝗮) Development Specialist
𝗯) Policy Advocator
𝗰) Marketing Strategist
𝗱) Communication Specialist
𝗲) Project Coordinator
Kindly look through the job description for more understanding and choose the right one! 😉
Benefits / Takeaways:
1. Exclusive capacity building and training.
2. Subject matter expert mentorship and coaching.
3. Exclusive opportunity on global exchange and fellowship.
4. Practical and in-field experience of national policy drafting.
5. Exclusive engagement / collaboration with global young leaders and prominent organizations.
6. Opportunity to attend the accelerated professional program.
7. Extensive networking within and outside of the organization.

If you are interested to be part of the team, don’t hesitate to submit your application via Any further enquiries please contact us through FB page, Instagram or email us at

NaSLec 2021 OC Recruitment

National Students Leadership Conference (NaSLec) 2021 is now open for Organizing Committee Recruitment!

What is NaSLeC?

National Students Leader Conference carried the aim to provide a platform for student leaders across the whole Malaysia to discuss and advocate in depth on national policy as well as youth empowerment through active involvement in policy making.

Aiming to establish a renowned framework and policy structure on the nation policy from the perspective of young leaders, we are now looking for people with great passion in driving such meaningful changes in this arena. We always believe that student’s leaders and campus youth would be a stronghold and supportive force in realizing nation aspiration through collective social integration and inclusive decision making.

If you are the one that we are looking for, quickly submit your application form through