Corporate Extraordinaire (CEo) Series II 2022 – Campus2Corporate

The corporate world might look extremely worthwhile and well designed from the audience seat. But to get through the doors and sustain in the roles is not a cakewalk, especially as a fresh graduate. So, what can we do to outdo each other in this cut-throat competitive world?
Join us in the second webinar of CEo Series 2022! We shall discuss the ways to navigate from campus life into the corporate world from the perspectives of two corporate extraordinaire! Here are our webinar details:
📅 Date: 30th April 2022 (Saturday)
🕗 Time: 3.30pm – 5.00pm
💻 Platform: Zoom
📎 Registration link:
HEYA CEo Series aims to boost your career development as we believe that learning from corporate leaders’ experiences is one of the most effective ways in broadening our insights and get inspiration for more successful actions.
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