[Global Discourse Series I 2022]

Unveiling The Metaverse: The Hidden Facts That You Should Know! 👾
Facebook has recently announced its rebranding into Meta. In about ten years, the company will focus on establishing the Metaverse, a virtual realm where people may “work, play, and cohabit.” With this reveal, the internet erupted. You may have seen the concept of VR in science fiction movies like Ready Player One or The Matrix series, but now it is more than just fiction.
Undoubtedly, the announcement of the metaverse came with both excitement and apprehension, with the main question on everyone’s minds being:
What would the unveiling of the Metaverse mean for our future? 🔭
To explore the answers, Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA) would like to invite you to join our first webinar of our Global Discourse Series | 2022 – here are the event details:
📅 Date: 17th February 2022 (Thursday)
🕗 Time: 8.30pm – 10.00pm
💻 Platform: Zoom
Sign up for this free webinar now by clicking this link https://forms.gle/2K9hokZbLR333VK2A
or by scanning the QR code in the poster above!
Keep an eye out on our social media platforms for updates on this webinar and future events of our Global Discourse Series 2022 🌏
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