Volunteer Recruitment

HEYA is now open for recruitment! 📢

Are you… 🧑‍💼
✔️ Passionate about leadership development?
✔️ Interested in policy literacy & advocacy?
✔️ Excited to try out rapid project management?
✔️ And most importantly, are you looking for a volunteering opportunity that is both fulfilling and rewarding?

Then look no further – we’d love to have you be a part of Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA)! ⭐

👔 We are currently looking for passionate individuals who are interested in any one of the following roles:

HEYA Executive Roles
𝗮) Development Specialist
𝗯) Policy Advocator
𝗰) External Strategist
𝗱) Communications Strategist

Flagship Event Team
𝗲) National Students Leadership Conference (NaSLeC) Organizing Committee





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