Coffee Talk 2024:

Unlocking Financial Power: Leveraging Banking Facilities to Achieve Self-Growth

We extend our sincere gratitude to all panels and attendees of the CEo Series Webinar 1 & Coffee Talk + Site Visit 2024. Your enthusiasm made the event a success ! During our session, we explored key financial insights. We learned about an array of banking facilities and to allocate savings wisely, ensuring long-term stability by practicing informed spending. "Age is money" reminded us to start investing early for greater returns. Finally, we emphasized the power of financial literacy, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and pursue their goals confidently. To our participants, speakers, partners, and team members, thank you for contributing to this journey of self-growth and financial empowerment! 🚀 Both events have provided a platform for fostering meaningful connections and facilitating significant learning experiences about financial literacy. We look forward to many more opportunities to collaborate and continue making impactful together!💰 #HEYA #CEoSeries2024 #YouthEmpowerment #FinancialLiteracy #BankingPrinciples #Sustainability

Our Speakers:

Speaker 1: Mr. Zack Lui Zack is not only a seasoned expert but also a dynamic leader in the field. Currently serving as the Senior Trainer and Sales Team Manager at SBH Financial Consultancy, Zack Lui has been instrumental in guiding both individuals and small businesses toward their financial goals. 

Speaker 2: Mr. Victor Hoo Victor is skilled in financial services, financial consultanting. He is an expert in providing individual & corporate/business financial consultations and solutions. He is currently the Regional Manager of SBH Financial Consultancy in Johor.

Coffee Talk 2023:

Election of Six States: What YOUth Need to Know?

In the midst of the state election period, HEYA effectively organized a session of its Coffee Talk Series II for the year 2023. We are graced with highly respected and renowned political analysts, Prof Dr Wong Chin Huat and Prof Dr Bridget Welsh to share their invaluable insights on the importance of voting especially for youths in the coming state election as well as understanding the impacts and consequences of not voting. This engaging session serves as a platform to exchange ideas and foster a deeper understanding for youths. Read the key takeaways that we have concluded from the session for you! Thank you to all participants for joining us, and we truly value and appreciate our speakers' sharing! #StateElection2023 #MakeYourVoteCount #Youthpower

Our Speakers:

1. Associate Professor Dr Bridget Welsh Honorary Research Associate with the University of Nottingham Asia Research Institute Malaysia

2. Prof Dr Wong Chin Huat Deputy Head (Strategy), Asia Headquarters of UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), Sunway University

Moderator: Mr. Ooi Guo Shen Executive (Policy), HEYA

Coffee Talk 2021:

Paving The Way To The Future of UNDI18

On Malaysia Day 2021, HEYA conducted a 2-hour coffee talk with Dr. Mohd Azmir and Ms. Charlene See to learn all about the current state of UNDI18, and how we can shape the future by voting responsibly, critically thinking about the leaders we choose to elect, and how we can hold them accountable. We are really grateful for Dr. Mohd Azmir and Ms. Charlene See for making this coffee talk possible. We would also like to thank all the participants who came for this talk - it was truly an evening well spent!

Our Speakers:

Dr Mohd Azmir Mohd Nizah is a senior lecturer in Centre for Core Studies, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). He holds a BHSc and MHSc in Political Science and Ph. D in Politics and Government. He has extensive experience in research, publications and consultations particularly in the field of politics, party politics, voting behaviour and ethnic relations. Dr Mohd Azmir co-wrote an article titled “Undi 18: Youth and Conventional Politics” which discussed the amendment of minimum voting age limit as well as the analysis on the knowledge of the youth on democracy and elections. Charlene See is currently the Senior Programme Lead for the Malaysian youth movement, Undi18. She is a psychology graduate from HELP University. Her experience in the Parlimen Digital as a facilitator that exhibits the suitability of the virtual parliamentary democracy further shapes her professional interests in nation-building and democratic reform.