NaSLeC 2023:

Equitable Horizons: YOUth Empowerment for Employment Amidst Rising Living Costs

The National Students’ Leadership Conference(NaSLeC) ignited a spark of inspiration as students from different universities embarked on a transformative journey of leadership and growth. 🗣️🤩 All things considered, the varied sessions which covered everything from financial planning and societal challenges to workforce trends and challenges offered a thorough understanding of Malaysia's socioeconomic environment and gave participants insightful knowledge that would help them make wise decisions in their specialized fields.📊🫵🏻 Participants looked at new trends, difficulties, and coping mechanisms for navigating the changing job market. simultaneously began the vital work of modernizing the educational system in order to bring it into line with the changing demands of the labor force of the future. It talks about improving education in Malaysia, with a focus on creative methods and regulations. The Employees Provident Fund was the topic of discussion during the Coffee Talk, which also provided insights into financial security and planning. then talked about the urgent problem of managing growing living expenses, giving participants the tools they needed to plan ahead and make wise choices for a prosperous and sustainable future.🤩🗣️

NaSLeC 2022:

Post-Pandemic Era: Adaptation, Reconciliation & Transformation of Malaysian Education

With utmost delight, we proudly present to you the theme of this year's National Students’ Leadership Conference (NaSLeC): "Post-Pandemic Era: Adaptation, Reconciliation & Transformation of Malaysian Education"! Interested about the post-COVID era in Malaysia, as well as issues revolving around education equality, employability, mental health and civil awareness? This conference is made for you! NaSLeC 2022 gives students a channel to discuss the reform of higher education with a focus on students as university stakeholders! Our objectives include:

📌To devise a robust solution for education equality, employability and mental health through diverse youth community engagement

📌To form advocacy coalition that would enhance youth's citizen responsibilities by instilling youth's civil society awareness

📌To advocate the solutions to policymakers for sustainable integration of quality education and national policy through higher education reform

NaSLeC 2021:

Post-COVID-19 Reconciliation: A Step Forward To Robust Reformation

After a month of registration, NaSLeC 2021 finally happened on the past 25th and 26th September 2021 with over 200 participants attending. With amazing speakers and participants, it turned out to be a fulfilling intellectual event. NaSLeC 2021 provides students the platform to discuss on higher education reformation centering around students as university stakeholders. This event comprises:

• Talks featuring professional speakers expert in their areas

• Moderated discussions with themes such as academic freedom and student participatory governance

• Networking activities for participants to collaborate and share ideas

Thank you for coming and contributing participants! NaSLeC 2021 has turned out to be successful due to the high engagement between participants, organising committees and invited speakers as well as the amazing content of the discussions!