Future Youth Town Hall (FYT) 2023:

National Budget 2024: What's in It for Youth?

Wondering what the National Budget 2024 holds for our Malaysian youth? Look no further! Our recent forum featuring four dynamic youth speakers from different political backgrounds sparked a wave of inspiration and thought-provoking insights on how the budget impacts the future of Malaysia's young generation. 🇲🇾 🗣️💭

🔍 Key Takeaways:

💰 Rewarding Youth Volunteering: This year's exciting initiative promises RM500 rewards for youth who volunteer with government-recognised NGOs. It's not just about the cash; it's about breaking out of your comfort zone and gaining first hand exposure to the diverse lives of fellow Malaysians. 🤝

💡 EPF Flexibility and Financial Literacy: The discussion also delved into the pressing issue of EPF withdrawals. While it may provide immediate relief, the future costs are a concern. In the forum, the speakers discuss the introduction of a flexible EPF account that calls for more emphasis to empower our youth to build financial literacy and personal social security. 💸📚

🛠️ Bridging the Implementation Gap: Addressing the national budget, our speakers recognized the need for thorough planning and ironing out details before implementing the proposed changes. The consensus? Youth involvement in decision-making is essential for meaningful progress! 📊📈

🤝 Political Party Collaboration: United we stand! In a surprising note, you will see our youth speakers putting aside their ideologies and differences to have a mature and constructive discussion. Today, mature collaboration between political parties cannot be vital enough for Malaysia to make meaningful progress as ultimately, all youths just want a better Malaysia. 🇲🇾🤝

Future Youth Town Hall (FYT) 2023:

Green Vision: Youth Revolution for a Sustainable Malaysia

In the HEYA Future Youth Town Hall 2023 conducted previous weeks (14th October 2023), we were honored to host the Sustainability Town Hall session of “Green Vision: Youth Revolution for a Sustainable Malaysia” with our panels Dato’ Leong Kin Mun (Board of Directors from MGTC), Miss Abe Lim (Purpose Plastics CEO) and Miss Pam Lee (ESG Consultant).The panels discussed on Malaysia’s transition to green energy, ESG myths and youth as the main catalyst on advocating climate change.

🔍 Key Takeaways:

📌 Dato’ Leong's guidance on career development emphasised the importance of strategic efforts for exponential growth. His presentation was a compelling call to action for both policymakers and the youth of Malaysia to take a proactive role in shaping a sustainable and prosperous future.

📌Ms. Abe Lim’s personal journey from business to politics serves as an inspiring example of how individuals can drive change at various levels of society. As Malaysia strives for a green vision and a youth-led revolution for sustainability, Abe Lim's contributions have set a clear path for collective action and progress.

📌 Ms. Pam Lee also shared on how corporates can navigate the ESG challenges and how to remain in compliance with the ESG regulatory framework within Malaysia’s landscape. SHe signed off by calling industries, universities and government institutions to strengthen the cooperation in tackling climate change challenges.