YSEALI Alumni Capacity Building Workshop 2024:

Managing Change, Leveraging Challenges

This highly interactive workshop will consider how to work more effectively with rapid change and the natural disruption that comes with it. It will be conducted by our Professional Fellow Leading Course Instructor, Dr. Deidre Combs✨ Dr Deidre Combs is no stranger to YSEALI alumni. She has brought over 27 years of experience as a highly skilled executive coach, leadership development consultant and instructor. Through personally guiding hundreds of corporate, educational, government and non-profit clients, Dr Combs has developed unique multi-cultural coaching and training processes. Combs has taught over 4,500 US state Department- , Muskie- and Carnegie- selected fellows leadership development and conflict resolutions through day-long to semester-length classes🏛️

Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) Programme 2024:

Leadership Sharing Session

Community Engagement Exchange (CEE) program is the US Department of State funded exchange program. Spend three months in the U.S. completing a professional practicum and leadership course while expanding your network and developing friendships with Americans and participants from around the world. Then, leverage your skills and network to implement a follow-on project in your home community. 👥

Youth Empowerment Fair 2024:

Representatives from HEYA

Today's youth are tomorrow's leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Let's empower them to dream big, take action, and create positive change in the world. We would like to thank Youth Empowerment Fair 2024 for providing us the opportunity to be involved in various interactive sessions for youths in Malaysia.

Special shoutout to representatives from HEYA for contributing your time with us

1. Kellin Wong (President)

2. Alfred Ong (Vice President of Public Engagement)

3. Syazwan Razman (Director of External Engagement)

4. Afief Hakimy (Director of Campus Engagement Policy)

Together, we can inspire and support the next generation as they carve their path to success. Believe in their potential, nurture their talents, and watch them thrive! 💫 #youthempowerment #myyef2024

Low Carbon Discourse 2024:

Charting A Greener Future with Low Carbon Technology

In a dynamic exchange of ideas, 'Low Carbon Discourse' unveiled a roadmap towards a sustainable future. Professor Ying He, representing Brunel University, delved into the intricacies of Lithium-ion Battery (LIB) recycling, emphasizing the critical need for battery designs optimized for performance. Meanwhile, Ms. Elina, from the Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (MGTC), offered a compelling narrative of Malaysia's journey towards achieving net-zero emissions, illuminating the innovative strides outlined in the Green Technology Master Plan 2017 – 2030. 💡 Malaysia's commitment to Low Carbon Technologies (LCTs) was evident, with a focus on collaborative initiatives across sectors. From renewable energy endeavors to pioneering efforts in cross-industry cooperation, Malaysia showcased a multifaceted approach to sustainability. Notable efforts in Low Carbon Cities included reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering climate action. 💨 Looking towards the future, 'Low Carbon Discourse' illuminated both challenges and opportunities on the horizon. With upcoming engagements such as COP28 and the prospect of hosting COP29, Malaysia stands poised to play a pivotal role in global sustainability dialogues. The event emphasized the imperative of continued collaboration, innovation, and proactive measures as indispensable elements in shaping a sustainable future for generations to come. 🔮✨

HEYA Inc x Brunel University Courtesy 2024:

Visit to Director General of Higher Education

On 24th of January 2024, HEYA Inc Founder, Mr Ooi Tze Howe, together with Chief Financial Officer, Mr Aaron Yap had led the delegations from Brunel University, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Andrew Jones, HoD of Chemical Engineering, Professor Dr. Yinghe He, Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering, Dr. Kok Siew Ng, Associate Director of Global Engagement, Ms Kirsty Smith, Head of Development & Alumni Relations, Andrew Williams, on a courtesy visit to Director General of Higher Education. We are welcomed by the Director-General of JPT, Professor Dr. Azlinda Azman and Deputy Director-General, Dato' Prof. Dr. Norzaini binti Azman Engaging discussions between Brunel University London and the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia focusing not only shaping the future of education but also actively working towards bridging the talent gap in the green growth and sustainability industry. The following proposal of future collaboration has been discussed: - R & D project collaboration in the field of clean energy, EV, battery manufacturing and recycling - Postgraduates students enrollment and exchange for green growth related field - Students mobility between Malaysia Higher education institutions and Brunel University London - Co-organize low carbon discourse by HEYA Inc, JPT and Brunel University London - Invitation to Prof Andrew Jones to speak on the Global Higher Education Conference Malaysia We thank the unwavering support of JPT, especially Professor Dr. Azlinda as the Director-General, in supporting HEYA Inc initiative, crossing global academic institatutions to contribute to the enhancement of the country's higher education in producing more talents in the green growth sector.


Preparing For The Future: Building Effective Student Union Leadership

We are pleased to announce that HEYA and the United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students - UKEC have successfully hosted a Student Union Forum on the topic of “Preparing For The Future: Building Effective Student Union Leadership”. Thanks to our guest speakers, Mr. Syed Rifqi Najmuddin, Chairman of UKEC, Mr. Adam Michael, Union Affairs Officer of Bristol Student Union and Ms. Meisha Lukman, President, London School of Economics Student Union (LSESU) Malaysian Club. We are extremely grateful to the speakers for touching on the subject of the structure and operations of a Student Union, including its functions, roles and responsibilities in their sharing and creating so much awareness regarding the same. It would be our immense pleasure to invite you once more to spread awareness around the subject in the near future. Thank you to all participants for joining us, and we truly value and appreciate our speaker's sharing!!

Schwarzman Scholarship 2023:

Sharing Session

We are pleased to announce that HEYA has made history by successfully hosting the first-ever Schwarzman Scholars Sharing Session in Malaysia. Our guest speaker, Thomas Tomezsko, the outreach and selection officer for Schwarzman Scholars, shared valuable insights on how to increase your chances of being selected for their fully-funded 10-month Master’s Degree in Global Affairs at Beijing’s Tsinghua University. Schwarzman Scholars is seeking high-caliber applicants, especially from Southeast Asia, who will represent the world’s next generation of leaders.

Corporate Extraordinaire (CEo) Series I 2023:

Exploring the IT Industry: Insights and Strategies for Success

Thank you everyone for joining us in our first instalment of CEo Series I 2023! We are deeply thankful to Mr Tan Aik Keong for his valuable sharing. We hope that our participants gained beneficial information from this session (which was moderated by Chong Peiqi) which will help guide them in taking their next step in the IT field. Swipe left to view important insights from the session! 👉 If you are interested to join us for future HEYA CEo Series events, follow our page @heya.malaysia to stay tuned. 📱 💼 The HEYA Corporate ExtraOrdinaire Series (CEo Series) is an event series consisting of various continuous sharing sessions regarding career development. This is to meet the demand among young graduates and new executives to further enhance their skills and improve their career pathways! 💼

YSEALI Academic Fellow 2023:

Leadership Sharing Session

HEYA successfully conducted the event on 5th October 2023 on Zoom🥳 Thank you all participants for joining us, thank you to all partners for making this happen, and thank you to all speakers for sharing your experience with our participants. Together we can transform youth into elite.Hopefully the insightful experiences will make your journey in US fun and memorable💖

Hi2U Mental Health 2023:

Intervarsity Mental Health Campaign

Hi2U at IMHC 2023 Borneo Zone @ Sarawak 🎉 With the Opening Ceremony, the first ever IMHC was officiated! The morning session was then followed by a Forum, Understanding Youth Mental Health in the 21st Century with our panellists: Dr. Haji Ismail Bin Drahman, the President of the Mental Health Association Sarawak, Dr. Bernard Ting, Psychiatrist at Sentosa Hospital, and Miss Ada Lua Pei Ling, the co-founder of Hi2U Mental Health initiatives. We then had our afternoon parallel sessions! 🌱 We would like to thank once again: Ms. Yvonne Yeo Ying Ying for her involvement in the Plenary Session discussing Suicide Prevention, as well as Mdm. Ross Azura binti Zahit for conducting a Psychological First Aid workshop for our participants! 💚

Community Empowerment Project 2022:

HEYA X INTI International University 

Higher Education Malaysia Association (HEYA) in collaboration with INTI International University has accomplished another milestone in empowering over 70 refugee children. Through the project, the refugee children learnt basic personal hygiene skills such as washing hand and brushing teeth correctly. Besides, they learnt about making healthy food such as egg mayo sandwich which includes tomato and cucumber. The event also allows volunteers to learn about teamwork and improve problem solving skills in hope that it benefits everyone in the team. Other than that, the group members were able to enhance their communication skills and improve civic responsibility awareness for the community particularly the refugee children. HEYA is committed to bring more youths to future community engagement events as part of giving back to the society.

YSEALI Academic Fellow 2022:

Sharing Session

HEYA has successfully conducted the event on 26th May 2022 on Zoom. Thank you all participants for joining us, thank you to all partners for making this happen, and thank you to all speakers for sharing your experience with our participants. Together we can transform youth into elite.

HEYA X MoHE 2022:

Courtesy Visit to Minister of Higher Education

HEYA paid a courtesy call on Minister of Higher Education YB Dato' Dr. Noraini Ahmad to discuss on Higher Education Reform and Post COVID-19 reconciliation strategy to combat education inequality and rising living cost as well as improving students employability. HEYA President Mr. Ooi Tze Howe presented the Higher Education Reform Blueprint which advocates for a politically free governance system, academic freedom and students autonomy ecosystem for Malaysia Higher Education, The survey on issue pertaining rising living cost, employability and mental health issue faced by students in tertiary education, done by HEYA, was also discussed with the YB Minister and the senior management team of Jabatan Pendidikan Tinggi . The Chairperson-elect of United Kingdom & Eire Council for Malaysian Students - UKEC, Mr Syed Rifqi Syed Azidi was also attending the meeting. He has raised the issue pertaining postal voting for students in UK and call for a simplied and smoother process to enable students in UK to cast their postal vote. YB Minister had give a positive feedback on the issue raised by both HEYA and UKEC. YB minister has agreed to continuously promote student autonomy in public university, and she has committed to support HEYA in developing the Post COVID-19 reconciliation strategy through NaSLeC 2022, YB Minister had also agreed to connect UKEC to Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia - SPR to enable a robust solutions to improve the postal voting process for students in UK We thank YB Datuk Seri Dr. Noraini and senior management team of JPT, including Director General Prof Dr. Ir. Dato' Husaini Omar, for willing to spend her precious time with HEYA for the meaning and constructive discussion.

it's about YOUTH 2022:

Will Budget 2023 prioritise the right thing?

Catch HEYA President Ooi Tze Howe on Astro AWANI talking about higher education funding pertaining Budget Bill 2023. Key takeaway (1) Funding allocation needed swiftly to combat the rising living cost situation that students are facing (2) Proper investment in e-resource - critical journal, up-to-date technical software, focus on creating talent that possessed great innovation, problem solving capability and project management skills, not just merely computational capability (3) Don't build a women university to uphold women rights, TREAT sexual harassments complain in a just and credible way

HEYA X PKR 2022:

AUKU Reform Blueprint

15th General Election, HEYA is advocating for Higher Education Reform to be included in respective political parties manifesto to enable a robust higher education system and seamless youth development for Malaysia. For this purpose, HEYA had a courtesy call to YB Fahmi Fadzil and advocated the AUKU Reform Blueprint to Parti Keadilan Rakyat and Pakatan Harapan that carried the following reform agenda: Politically Free Governance System (1) To enable independent, inclusive and professional university governance (2) To restrict ministerial power and interference in university governance and operation (human resource management, academic and students affairs typically) (3) To Enable all university stakeholders participation in the board to ensure balance of composition (4) To create transparent accountable matrix within university governance and operation Academic Freedom (1) To enable transparent, professional and academic orientated in executive management appointment (2) To revitalize university senate as the primary academic regulating body (3) To introduce democratic element in interim management appointment with academic staff involvement Student Autonomy (1) To liberalize student in a non- partisan academic ecosystem (2) To enable independent, student driven welfare management system through student union (SU) (3) To create a strong student parliamentary system to ensure wide spectrum of students involvement (Refer this link for the full write up of HEYA Higher Education Reform Blueprint https://bit.ly/heyaukureform) The survey on issue pertaining rising living cost, employability and mental health issue faced by students in tertiary education, done by HEYA, was also discussed with YB Fahmi Fadzil Moving forward, we are also scheduled to meet representative from other political party to advocate for the inclusion of Higher Education Reform in their respective party / political coalition GE manifesto.

Corporate Extraordinaire (CEo) Series IV 2022:

Starting the Action

HEYA has successfully conducted the fourth session of its Corporate Extraordinaire Series 2022. Our guest speakers, Ms. Fong Lai Lyn shared valuable inputs on how you can unveil your potential and start the your action if you want to get involved in business or corporate field. Thank you to all participants for joining us, and we truly value and appreciate our speakers' sharing!



Keeping in mind the participation of the first wave of #genZ voters, who are not only completely new to the voting process, but may also be new to the Malaysian political landscape, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed - or even worse - suffer from voter fatigue. In consideration of this, we are launching HEYA Call to Action Campaign - GE15 Campaign to keep you informed of all the #GE15 basics in one place 📱- breaking down election dos and don'ts, providing information on the proper voting procedure, and even hosting discussions on who the political candidates are and what they are promising to bring to the table. Thank you for joining HEYA x MONPAC “GE 15 Talk”! It has been a fruitful session for all the participants. We would like to express our gratitude to all of our three speakers for sharing their unique perspectives on the upcoming general election. Last but not least, do vote in the General Election 15 on 19 November 2022! “Vote, Because It Matters 🗳️”

HEYA Training Module 2022:

Fundamentals of a High Performing Team: Its People

HEYA has kickstarted our first training session towards MIU Chinese Cultural Association (@miu_cca) as part of our initiatives to transform youth to elite! Trained by Alfred Ong, Director of Development (@alfred_zqong), participants were enlighten on the fundamentals of a high-performing team: it's people. Importance of trust in a team and the way to work with people who just function differently were shared during the session. Wanting to find out what drives a great organization? How can we foster trust among one another and allow all types of talents to co-exist in the ecosystem? Reach out to us, as we venture into the truths and myths of understanding ourselves and others.

Mental Health Workshop 2021:

I'm All Ears - Listening in The Time of Pandemic

On 5th of September 2021, a mental health workshop was successfully conducted! Heartfelt appreciation to Ms Zafiera Zainal and Mr Wan Muhammad Fayadh from Speak2Us for the fruitful sharing. And many thanks to Ms Shaza Rahim, the president of Speak2Us for moderating the session! HEYA would also like to express our utmost gratitude to all participants who attended the event. We hope that all of you brought back valuable insights throughout the 2-hour session!

Help The Silent 2021:

Food Foundation & Ms Tamara Hassan

We would like to express our wholehearted gratitude to Food Aid Foundation and our HEYA Executive, Ms Tamara Hassan for their genorisity! The 'Help The Silent' Project initiated by HEYA has finally come to an end! A total of 9 food bags (6 from Food Aid Foundation and 3 from Ms Tamara) were distributed to 9 students from SMK Desa Cempaka and SMK Taman Semarak, Nilai, Negeri Sembilan. A huge thanks to HEYA CPD Vice President, Chen Fan Jie for delivering all these food bags to the families. We hope that this small act can decrease the burden of these families and help them get through the pandemic. Once again, thank you for the kind donation !

Perdana Fellow Programme 2021:

Sharing Session

Thank you for joining us on 3rd of March 2021 for the Perdana Fellow Programme Sharing Session. It has been wrap up successfully with informative sharing from the awesome speaker! Thank you speakers for spending your precious time on the informative sharings and not forgotten the participants for attending.

Youth Leadership Academy(YLA):

University Leadership Development Program (ULDP)

HEYA has successfully conducted a sharing session regarding Youth Leadership Academy(YLA) and University Leadership Development Program (ULDP) on 3rd May 2021! Thank you to all the participants for the actively participation and also speakers for the fruitful sharing!

𝗬𝗦𝗘𝗔𝗟𝗜 𝗔𝗰𝗮𝗱𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗰 𝗙𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼𝘄𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗽 2021:

Leadership Sharing Session

HEYA has successfully conducted a sharing session regarding YSEALI Academic Fellowship on 9th June 2021! Thank you to all the participants for the actively participation and also speakers for the fruitful sharing!